Three Rivers Chapter

Mailing Address: 108 Bradley Drive

Moon Township, PA 15108

President - Colin Kleer - E-mail: greengalaxie64(at)

Vice President - Bill Czyzewicz - E-mail: XL500CZ(at)MSN.COM

Treasurer - Fran Lewandowski - E-mail: lewandow(at)

Membership Coordinator - Larry Sheatsley - E-mail: Lls63gal(at)

Newsletter Editor/Web Site - Bob Summerville - E-mail: rsummer111(at)

The Three Rivers Chapter of the Ford Galaxie Club of America celebrated its "10 Anniversary" during 2008. The Three Rivers Chapter held its first "organizational meeting" on February 15th, 1998. The Chapter Roster was submitted to National Director Mark Reynolds on February 23rd, 1998 to become the "very first official chapter" of the National Club. Bill Czyzewicz and Larry Sheatsley served as president and vice president respectively for the first 10 years. Colin Kleer became the chapters new President in February 2009. Bill Czyzewicz became the new Vice President and Larry Sheatsley became the new Membership Coordinator. Of the original eighteen founding members, nine continue today.

Some highlights since the club's formation included hosting four "Northeast Regionals, FGCoA, at the All-Fords Nationals" in Carlisle, PA (1999-2002) and the "Galaxie Nationals, FGCoA" in Carlisle, PA (2003). The 2003 event in Carlisle was the largest gathering of Galaxies ever.

You are welcomed to join our organization. Just click on the "Membership Application" button, copy, complete and mail the application with a $10 check (made out the The Three Rivers Galaxie Club) to the address provided on the application.

Note: You must be a current active dues paying member of the "Ford Galaxie Club of America" to be eligible for the Three Rivers Chapter. You receive benefits from the "National Club" including the "Galaxie Gazette" magazine. Three Rivers Chapter functions may include local, regional and national activities.